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1515 Bald Hill Road, Warwick, RI, 02886

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    Inskip's Warwick AutoMall Wants to Buy Your Vehicle, Even if You Don’t Buy One From Us.

    That’s right — no vehicle will be turned away. Every car receives an offer. There are no limitations on mileage, age, or condition.

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    There are absolutely no obligations to sell us your vehicle once an offer has been made. Our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from us.


    Once you receive your offer, the decision is yours. You are not obligated to sell it to us. There are no fees or costs whatsoever for this service.


    Online appraisers can supply you with estimates, but our specially trained automotive experts take into consideration your vehicle’s exact condition and other variables that cannot be determined by a computer.


    Any number you see online is usually a ballpark estimate and not an exact buy figure. After we appraise your vehicle, we will give you a no-haggle price so we can purchase your vehicle on the spot.

    * Offer is good for 12 days.

    Important Details of Purchase

    Title: The title must be provided at the time of sale. If a previously paid-off lien is listed on the title you will need both the title and lien release from the lienholder before we can purchase your car.

    Liens: If there is a lien on the vehicle, we will contact the lienholder to get a 15 day payoff. In order to obtain we will need:

    • Lienholder name and phone number
    • Name(s) on account
    • Account holder account number and social security number

    Negative Equity: If there is negative equity the amount should be paid in the form of a cashier’s check, certified funds, or cash. It may be possible to include the negative equity in the amount you are financing if purchasing a vehicle from us. We can accept personal checks if the amount is less than $250.

    Leased Vehicles: If the vehicle is leased, we will need to confirm the payoff amount before we purchase your vehicle. Some leasing companies will not allow you to sell before the lease expires.

    Original Keys & Remotes: If any keys or remotes are missing, we have the right to reappraise the vehicle to account for the additional cost. Keys and remotes are expensive to replace.

    Installed Equipment: Your appraisal will include any equipment installed on, or part of, the vehicle (ex. stereos, DVD, navigation components, etc…). If you remove any of that equipment, the offer can be voided.

    We reserve the right to revise or cancel the offer if the vehicle is not in the same condition as it was at the time of the offer. The offer received is exclusively for the purpose of selling your vehicle to Inskip's Warwick AutoMall. Should you have any questions about selling your vehicle, please contact us.

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    Inskip's Warwick AutoMall 41.6990325, -71.4998374.